SBE III Black Left Hand is the semi-automatic dedicated to left-handed people. This Super Magnum with excellent ballistic performance is mostly chosen for aquatic and big-game hunting. The Comfortech 3 system for recoil reduction together with the CombTech comb ensure total comfort for the user. The loading and unloading operations are made even easier and quicker thanks to the Easy loading system, and the firearm is always ready to shoot thanks to the innovative Easy Locking closure. The shape and structure of the trigger guard assembly facilitate all operations in guaranteed full safety, including putting the safety on. The ergonomic shape of the fore-end ensures optimal grip and perfect balance in any hunting situation. The cryogenic barrels and knurled chokes ensure compact patterns and a perfect hit.

Technical sheet




89 mm SuperMagnum


CB - Interchangeable choke - Crio 65/70 cm Knurled ***/****; */**/cyl.


Ergal, black anodised with mat finish


Technopolymer ComforTech 3, reinforced technopolymer stock and fore-end with Air Touch checkering


365 ± 2 mm, modifiable to 355 ± 2 mm with short butt plate or to 375 ± 2 mm with long butt plate. Cast: variable, LH and RH


Without limiter 2 rounds 12/89 mm, 3 rounds 12/70 mm and 12/76 mm); 2-round limiter


approx. 3,200 g with 70 cm barrel


Technopolymer case, kit of chokes and wrench, drop change kit, quick-release sling attachment swivel, user and spare parts handbook, Benelli oil bottle

Inertia Driven System

Rigorous design, simple construction, easy maintenance and mechanical accuracy guarantee maximum durability and extreme reliability. The cleverness of the Benelli System lies in its rigorous design, simple construction and ease of maintenance. The fast, minimised operating movements combined with mechanical accuracy and essential construction ensure an unaltered working cycle that is perfect every time, maximum strength and utmost reliability.

Comfortech 3

ComforTech 3 is the extreme evolution of the ComforTech system. The most efficient Full Comfort system in the world. With its improved geometry, ComforTech 3 significantly reduces the perception of recoil and helps re-target faster. Control is optimised in each phase to ensure total comfort for the user. A solution critical to shooting accuracy.


Benelli's technological evolution has generated the new CombTech comb to reduce the impact on your face. The combination of an elastic structure with an ergonomic system capable of adapting to the shape of your cheekbone and returning instantly to the original position absorbs the impact on your cheek.

Crio System

In cryogenic technology, the first element you need to consider is the barrel. The expansion caused by friction heat and pressure is limited, so that the barrel can vibrate and expand evenly on firing. The pattern provided by a cryogenic barrel is wider, more regular and more uniform, with pattern centres that will not shift as you fire shot after shot, to the benefit of shooting accuracy. Cryogenic treatment also has positive effects on the life of the barrel, which is more resistant to wear and less susceptible to attack by combustion residues. Benelli was the first company to apply Cryogenic Treatment to the barrel and choke of a light firearm on an industrial scale in order to enhance its ballistic performance.

Steel Shot

Each barrel marked with the lily emblem undergoes National Proof House testing for steel shot ammunition. The Crio Steel Shot chokes feature elongated chamfers to guarantee maximum ballistic performance and resistance when using Steel ammunition.