M2 Speed is the semi-automatic born ready for use in IPSC shooting competitions, created by professionals for professionals. An impressive gun conceived with an integrated speed system, M2 Speed enhances shooter performance, thanks to the shotgun's combination of different components which support movements, ensuring unprecedented smoothness and speed. Characterized by the ComforTech 3 system which, combined with the Combtech comb, significantly reduces the muzzle climb sensation, favoring a faster return to aim and extreme accuracy in shooting. BE.S.T. shutter for smoother and faster movement of the cycle, wider and more connected loading window, 12-shot magazine tube and connected safety are just some of the pluses of M2 Speed. It is harmonized by the exclusive Racing Gray color of the receiver which, together with the red details, including the new anodized cross, make the shotgun even more distinctive in the Speed family.

Technical sheet




76 mm Magnum


CB - Interchangeable choke - 61/65 cm Knurled **/***/**** + 1 KND Ampliator + 1 KND Long Shot


Ergal, racing grey anodised


Black Techno-polymer


365 mm


Magazine tube for 12 rounds (12/70), 11 rounds (12/76) with exclusive fixing system magazine / barrel


3300 g.


Cardboardbox: Drop and cast change kit, sling swivels kit, Ben oil, manual, spare parts list, warranty

Inertia Driven System

Rigorous design, simple construction, easy maintenance and mechanical accuracy guarantee maximum durability and extreme reliability. The cleverness of the Benelli System lies in its rigorous design, simple construction and ease of maintenance. The fast, minimised operating movements combined with mechanical accuracy and essential construction ensure an unaltered working cycle that is perfect every time, maximum strength and utmost reliability.

Comfortech 3

ComforTech 3 is the extreme evolution of the ComforTech system. The most efficient Full Comfort system in the world. With its improved geometry, ComforTech 3 significantly reduces the perception of recoil and helps re-target faster. Control is optimised in each phase to ensure total comfort for the user. A solution critical to shooting accuracy.


Benelli's technological evolution has generated the new CombTech comb to reduce the impact on your face. The combination of an elastic structure with an ergonomic system capable of adapting to the shape of your cheekbone and returning instantly to the original position absorbs the impact on your cheek.


BE.S.T. is an exclusive Benelli technology to guarantee maximum resistance to corrosion, abrasion, wear and the elements. BE.S.T. surface treatment uses cutting-edge hybrid technology, covered by trade secret. The coating has characteristics similar to those of a diamond when it comes to hardness, resistance and precious finish. BE.S.T. is completely eco-friendly, since the process used involves no dangerous emissions for the environment.