Raffaello Ethos Cordoba A.I. BE.S.T.


Developed for those who require maximum performance from their firearm, the Raffaello Cordoba A.I. BE.S.T. guarantees excellent balance and reliable performance in all weather conditions. Technopolymer stock and finish ensure a high level of protection. Added to all this is the real Benelli innovation: the introduction of Benelli Advanced Impact, a system consisting of two inseparable elements that work together: barrel and choke, designed to achieve unprecedented performance. In addition, the finish of the BE.S.T. barrels guarantees maximum resistance in the most difficult weather conditions.

Technical sheet




76 mm - 3"


70/28 cm/" 76/30 cm/" Advanced Impact barrel with ventilated carbon fibre step; Interchangeable choke 5 KND BE.S.T. 100 + 20 mm F (*); IM (**); M(***); IC (****); CYL (*****)


Stock with Comfortech 3 System; Stock and forend in black Techno-polymer


365 ± 2 mm, modifiable to 355 ± 2 mm with short recoil pad. Cast: variable, LH and RH


Tubular for 4 rounds 12/70 mm and 3 rounds 12/76 mm; 2-round limiter


3000 gr (with 70/28 cm/" barrel)


Technopolymer case, drop and cast change kit; chokes kit and wrench, quick-release sling attachment swivels, Ben oil, user and service handbook



The technical features and images on the web site are purely approximate, can be improved and / or changed at any time without notice.


Inertia Driven System

Rigorous design, simple construction, easy maintenance and mechanical accuracy guarantee maximum durability and extreme reliability. The cleverness of the Benelli System lies in its rigorous design, simple construction and ease of maintenance. The fast, minimised operating movements combined with mechanical accuracy and essential construction ensure an unaltered working cycle that is perfect every time, maximum strength and utmost reliability.


Benelli Advanced Impact

Benelli Advanced Impact (Benelli A.I.) is not a simple brand-new barrel, it is a real patented system consisting of two inseparable elements that work together: barrel and choke. At the end of a long research and development work, what can be defined as the best internal profile to date has been identified to redesign the barrel-choke assembly and achieve performances never experienced before.



BE.S.T. is an exclusive Benelli technology to guarantee maximum resistance to corrosion, abrasion, wear and the elements. BE.S.T. surface treatment uses cutting-edge hybrid technology, covered by trade secret. The coating has characteristics similar to those of a diamond when it comes to hardness, resistance and precious finish. BE.S.T. is completely eco-friendly, since the process used involves no dangerous emissions for the environment.


Crio System

In cryogenic technology, the first element you need to consider is the barrel. The expansion caused by friction heat and pressure is limited, so that the barrel can vibrate and expand evenly on firing. The pattern provided by a cryogenic barrel is wider, more regular and more uniform, with pattern centres that will not shift as you fire shot after shot, to the benefit of shooting accuracy. Cryogenic treatment also has positive effects on the life of the barrel, which is more resistant to wear and less susceptible to attack by combustion residues. Benelli was the first company to apply Cryogenic Treatment to the barrel and choke of a light firearm on an industrial scale in order to enhance its ballistic performance.


Air Touch

AirTouch is a checkering available as standard on all ComforTech grips and fore-ends of inertia shotguns and Argo E Benelli rifles. The aerodynamics of the small spheres ensure superior grip and allow for quick shouldering for a firm, effective and comfortable grip. The AirTouch checkering of the grip ensures that your hand can breathe naturally for a superior grip.


Window System

The utmost safety and functionality: fast, easy visibility of the cartridges in the magazine. The Window System has been added to the peculiar technological features of the Benelli semi-automatic. This patented system allows you to see all cartridges present in the magazine through a slot in the lower section of the fore-end. The advantages in terms of safety and functionality are considerable. A bright red signal indicates that the firearm is loaded.