10 February 2022

Dynamic shooting: speedy and dynamic

An outstanding discipline, dynamic shooting is a sport quickly spreading all over the world.

Whether you’re practicing or just watching the competition for IPSC Dynamic Shooting, or Practical Shooting, as is commonly known, you will experience feelings as if you were at a Formula One race, with just a few slight differences.

Apparently unmatchable, speed and precision are the two main “ingredients” of dynamic shooting, a discipline that is increasingly popular in which Benelli participates as a protagonist with its shooting rifles.

Indeed, speed and dynamism are what makes dynamic shooting a unique and exciting sport. Technically, with dynamic shooting means the ability of a shooter to perform a prearranged course or circuit as quickly as possible, using the best and most suitable technique to tackle the exercise. Compared to more traditional shooting sports, dynamic shooting has a number of special features that make it truly inimitable and adrenaline-pumping. The shooter moves in the circuit with his own shotgun, ready to strike the numerous moving or multiple targets placed at different distances, facing different types of shooting. The most striking feature is the freedom of interpretation that each athlete has in approaching the course and thus “solving” the various shooting course successfully. Standing, on their knees, lying, sitting, moving, the variety of shooting techniques surprises the spectator on the one hand, defining the style and identity of each shooter on the other.

The top shooters of IPSC require specialized rifles capable of enhancing their shooting speed: Benelli, active for almost ten years in the Shotgun field of dynamic shooting, could easily provide the shooters with two models.

Benelli Nova Speed, Benelli M2 Speed
Benelli Nova Speed, Benelli M2 Speed

With Benelli Nova Speed gauge 12, the first pump shotgun in the world specifically for competitions was conceived, without the need of any intervention, it is delivered to the shooter ready to face any sport competition and in which every detail is conceived and realized to enhance speed and fluidity of movement.

The M2 Speed model, instead, focuses on what a high-ranking shooter can expect. Whatever the case, we have the ComforTech 3 type stock with Combtech comb, an increased control of the manual safety, the long optical fiber sight and the adjustable aiming mark, these details in common with the Nova Speed allow the shooter to easily switch from one weapon to another, in case of dynamic shooting competitions of both specialties.

The heart of the M2 Speed and synonym with Benelli is the inertial release operating system with rotating bolt with BE.S.T. treatment and Easy Locking system.

The dynamic shooting is a challenge against time, pure adrenaline and emotions - all in one breath, in a competition that is first and foremost with oneself.

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