Rifles for hunting ungulates

Big game hunting with semiautomatic rifles is mainly dedicated to wild boars and has taken on an important role in controlling the number of the species.

The Big game hunting with the semiautomatic rifles is very widespread and carried out especially as hunting trip. This game, also known as the “King of the maquis”, can be very treacherous and therefore, especially in this type of hunting, the safety must be in the first place.

Benelli, thanks to its large range of semiautomatic rifles, first of all guarantees absolute reliability, total comfort through the system full comfort inserted in the stock and excellent modularity, according to the needs of each hunter.

Benelli semiautomatic rifles for big game hunting are: Endurance BE.S.T., Endurance BE.S.T. Limited Edition, Argo E Wood, Argo E Pro, Argo E Comfortech, Argo E Comfortech Amazonia Green, Argo E Fluted, Argo E Battue, R1 338, MR1.