Semi-automatic shotguns for hunting ungulates

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 Raffaello Slug 20
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 Vinci Black Slug
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 M3 Slug

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Big game hunting can be carried out with different types of weapons, including semiautomatic shotguns.

Big game hunting with semiautomatic shotguns is practiced by choosing rifles in both 12 and 20 gauge with a single ball. They are mainly used for hunting wild boars and for the hunting trip. Benelli offers a series of semiautomatic shotguns with barrel slug that mount a batting rib carbon fiber interchangeable with adjustable rear sight. They exist in different versions: synthetic rifles and wooden rifles, to satisfy even the most demanding hunter.

The Benelli semiautomatic shotguns for big game hunting are: Raffaello 20 Slug, Vinci Black Slug, Vinci Slug Camo Wood, M2 Slug, M2 Slug 20 gauge, M3 Slug.