Energy as Matter, Light and Heat

Inspired from physics and science fiction, the Concept Gun 2009 condenses the creativity of energy and elaborates it, using the shape of Benelli Super Nova, an innovative design for pump shotguns that here becomes even more futuristic. Transcending its compact appearance and assuming the creative and dynamic nature of energy, the Super Nova Concept Gun is perfectly in line with Benelli philosophy: unrelenting search for progress. Matter, heat and light, therefore, represent the three main manifestations of energy and are given Mayan names as a tribute to the ancient, mysterious pre--Columbian people who passionately studied the sky to find answers to earthly problems of the time. LU’UM ÓOL.Energy as Matter - LELEM KA’AN ÓOL Energy as Light - OOXOL ÓOL Energy as Heat. The Super Nova Concept Gun 2009 celebrates ENERGY: unquestionable presence, inexorable flow and undeniable necessity.