MR1 is a versatile, reliable semi-automatic rifle. Featuring a self adjusting gas system, a safe and resistant locking system, and using top quality materials, the MR1 is built to the strictest industrial standards to guarantees high performance in the 223 Remington gauge. The self adjusting gas system is derived from the Benelli 12-gauge M4, designed to ensure faultless operation and total reliability in all situations and conditions. A 9" rifling pitch has been chosen for the MR1 rifle to provide top performance with all types of shells. Manoeuvrability, reliability, resistance, durability, safety, versatility, ease of use and shooting precision: these were the goals set for the MR1 project.

Technical sheet


223 Rem


32.5 cm + 5 flash hider


Ergal, black anodised




354 ± 2 mm Cast: variable, LH and RH


5-round magazine


3,450 g with 32.5 cm barrel + 5 cm + Ghost Sights + telescopic stock (5 rounds) - 3,700 g with 40.6 cm barrel + Ghost Sights + Pistol Grip stock (5 rounds) - 3,600 g with 50.7 cm barrel + Ghost Sights + Standard stock (5 rounds)


Cardboard box, Ben oil, use and service handbook.

The technical features and images on the web site are purely approximate, can be improved and / or changed at any time without notice.


A.R.G.O. ®

Simple, robust, original, clever: these are the peculiarities of the project underlying the A.R.G.O. patent: : A.R.G.O. stands for Auto Regulating Gas Operated. Made of a self adjusting gas system containing a short-stroke piston, A.R.G.O. is placed under the barrel, near the chamber, so as to exploit the hottest gases at a higher pressure. The gases tapped from the barrel expand (in the self adjusting gas system) and rapidly accelerate the stroke of the piston, which simultaneously hits the bolt follower pin and pushes it hard to enough to make it retract. It is self-regulating because the gas inlet valve functions as a regulating valve that expels excess gas during firing. The greater the volume of gas flowing from the barrel, the faster the pin valve opens and allows it to exit, thus decreasing the pressure inside. Self-adjusting, A.R.G.O. guarantees shooting precision, reliability, durability and confirms the technological excellence of Benelli. An operating mechanism that is also appreciated and approved by the Marines.