Different souls of kindred spirits. These are the Concept Gun 2024 by Benelli, the shining glow of a creative instance that once again amazes in its manifestation and traces a new path towards the future.

Origin. Racing. Illusion.

Three shotguns, with different yet interconnected stories that, like paths that fork, represent different developments of the possible, interpreting the same theme in completely personal ways.

In this way, the lightness, the true supporting axis that unites them, is revealed in three different interpretations, giving rise to magnetic and alienating designs and an intriguing research on materials, which takes a step forward again.

ORIGIN. Distant echoes from the unusual shapes of this shotgun on a Montefeltro base, like vibrations of an ancestral time, which recalls the origin of the world or perhaps of life itself.

Stock and fore-end immediately catch the eye, generated through additive manufacturing, which are transformed into roots or branches, giving rise to a design never seen before, which combines hyper-modern manufacturing techniques to a primordial profile.

The engraving that decorates the receiver, in perfect continuity to the overall style of the shotgun, looks like a geometric camo of prismatic branches, whose thought originates from particular artistic techniques and is only achievable through laser technique on a mathematical basis, high and ennobled to the highest degree.

This concept is therefore presented as a dichotomy of opposites, in which past and future, origin and modernity coexist in perfect balance.

RACING. Speed, lightness, projection to the future. It is the soul of the second 2024 concept, built on a Duca di Montefeltro base and strongly inspired by the world of racing. A bright universe, in which all the metal materials of the shotgun were made with the green of nickel plating technique and shine, like a racing car whizzing under the sun.

To complete this ideal image, we find the very fine engraving of the receiver, in which the pictogram of the Benelli logo creates a texture, which is increasingly lighter and futuristically recalls the concept of dynamism, elevating speed to an aesthetic parameter of modernity.

The theme of lightening the shotgun goes on, while moving on more traditional tracks. Stock and barrel , in fact, are made of wood but nevertheless they have a completely original look, due to both the futuristic design and the finishing technique, different from the standard. Very special is, in fact, the external processing of the woods, which are left to the natural and are dressed in a new image, made even more identifiable by rubber inserts that enrich the design of the fore-end.

Racing is all this, coexistence of nature and technology, simplicity and modernity, elements that blend together, in a flash of light.

ILLUSION. It is a perceptive deception. The closer the eye gets to the surfaces of this shotgun, the more it discovers that what might have appeared as simple normality is nothing but illusion.

Thus, the ordinary is extraordinary, the full is empty.

The receiver, sculpted by defined traits typical of the style of the Duca di Montefeltro, is decorated with an interesting engraving in which the contrast between light and dark, between full and empty, creates a play of illusions of obvious artistic appeal.

The stock and fore-end of the shotgun, made with the additive manufacturing, have been lightened by an irregular geometry, which creates a natural grip, and maintain full strength and functionality, so much to ask if the shotgun we have in front of us is really a concept or is not an "almost" real shotgun.

Illusion has won. The dream is fulfilled.