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Benelli Advanced Impact

To go Beyond

The winning profile

The internal profile of the barrel has been completely renewed, the bore is increased between 19.6 mm and 19.8 mm, to ensure advanced ballistic performance.


Advanced chokes

Way more

The Advanced Impact System chokes are available in two larger versions: internal 10 cm and knurled 10+2 cm. They have been redesigned according to the performance obtained in the field.

These chokes offer the widest choice ever. Thanks to a uniform distribution of the pattern between stars, they guarantee a wider range from * to ***** and are suitable for every type of shot.


Speed never reached before
Revolutionary energy

A shot fired with the Benelli Advanced Impact integrated system is always faster than a shot fired with standard barrel and has a shot pattern on the target with an increasing number of pellets, regardless of the ammunition.

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Distances so far unattainable
Expand your borders

The greater speed of the shot string fired with the Benelli Advanced Impact system enhances the performance, reaching distances until now considered at the limit of the range.

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Unparalleled depth of impact
K.O. effect

The pellets pattern fired with Benelli Advanced Impact, more compact and faster, hits the target deeper, resulting in an advanced impact, clean shots and maximum effectiveness.

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