28 May 2021


The Golden Bullseye Award goes to the Benelli Lupo.

Last April 23rd, the American magazine Rifleman - House Organ of the National Rifle Association (NRA) - gave the bolt action Benelli the Golden Bullseye Award for the rifle of the year 2021.

This important recognition goes to products that stand out for their excellence, quality and innovation.

George Thompson, Director of Product Management for Benelli USA said: "When we set out to launch Benelli's first bolt action rifle, we knew it had to be special and it had to outperform the expectations of hunters and shooters. Winning Rifle of the Year is a testament to our commitment to producing high-quality firearms driven by innovation and high performance. We are honored to receive this prestigious award."

This is the 19th year that NRA Publications has recognized outstanding products with Golden Bullseye Awards.

A recognition of the Lupo's outstanding technical and ergonomic performance, given after months of careful testing and evaluation by a committee, made up of veteran NRA Publications editors, graphic designers and staff.

Benelli Lupo is made up of exclusive patented technologies, designed to guarantee excellent performance and which make the Lupo a premium bolt action:

Progressive Comfort (patented technology)

Combtech (patented technology)

Snap Group (patented technology)

Perfect Fitting (patented technology)

Crio barrel (exclusive technology)

BE.S.T. treatment (exclusive technology)

Lupo is the only bolt action equipped with a split steel upper receiver and lightweight alloy chassis with integrated guard.

Highly customizable, it allows for as many as 36 possible positions of drop and cast . In addition, the distance between the recoil pad and trigger (L.O.P.) can be adjusted by working with recoil pads and spacers.

The Lupo’s stock is equipped with a recoil reduction system, which ensures maximum comfort and also minimizes shock and vibration on the cheek, thanks to the combination of Progressive Comfort and Combtech technologies.

Bolt action designed with a set of integrated solutions, the Lupo guarantees constant sub-M.O.A. accuracy.

Excellent performance, innovative design and Benelli style.

The 19th Golden Bullseye Award is Lupo

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