Semi-automatic shotguns for hunting woodcock

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Woodcock hunting with semiautomatic shotguns is a very challenging type of hunting because the Queen of the Wood is one of the most difficult game on the hunting scene.

The woodcock hunting with semiautomatic shotguns requires great patience and a high level of hunting preparation, as this game is particularly cunning and unpredictable. For this reason, a semiautomatic rifle that is handy, light and precise is needed. Benelli has created a specialist rifle, which contains all the peculiarities necessary for hunting woodcock, such as the immediate aiming and the swing speed, the short 61 cm barrel in addition to the Ampliator choke, which allows to obtain wider and more garnished patterns in the jab throws between 10-20 meters.

The Benelli semiautomatic shotguns for woodcock hunting are: Beccaccia Supreme 12 gauge, Beccaccia Supreme 20 gauge, Raffaello Power Bore Compact, Montefeltro Extra Leggero.