Hide hunting with rifles

Hide hunting with semiautomatic rifles is a very widespread hunting and adaptable to different types of game.

The hide hunting with semiautomatic rifles is practiced with big game, more precisely wild boars. Based on the needs of the hunter you’d go for the calibre:.30-06 Spring,.300 WM, 9.3x62, 308 W, 7x64,.223. The set-up varies from black synthetic, to high visibility camo, to more traditional wood. Benelli has a wide variety of semiautomatic rifles which ensure a high level of reliability thanks to the BE.S.T. (Benelli Surface Treatment) applied on: gas intake stem, bolt and bolt sheath. The barrel features the cryogenic treatment and the two-wire magazine ensures a precise and constant supply of ammunition over time.

Benelli semiautomatic rifles for Hide hunting are: Endurance BE.S.T., Endurance BE.S.T. Limited Edition, Argo E Wood, Argo E Pro, Argo E Comfortech, Argo E Comfortech Amazonia Green, Argo E Fluted, Argo E Battue, R1 338, MR1.