About us. Where do we come from. Where are we headed.

Benelli's 2023 Concept Guns are still surprising, for the unique way they were concevied, the nobility of the intent, for the sensitivity they show. 

Three shotguns that defy the laws of the possible, silent witnesses of a time not yet here and perhaps a mirror of a future to come. 

Their name is Vision - White, Green, Brown. A vision that is mainly expressed by colours, which stimulate perception and nourish curiosity. The nuances of white, green and brown are the first and immediate indication for understanding the essence of these shotguns. Not randomly chosen pigments, but the manifestation of their kind. 

Thus, going beneath the surface, in the universe of science, we discover that each component of the shotguns presents unusual and surprising materials: from the receiver and fore-end, made with pure biopolymers of natural origin or combined with algae or wood; to the stock, in flexible filament derived from recycled or recyclable material; to the use of walnut wood or oak; up to the BE.S.T. treated barrels. 

At first glance, rather enigmatic, the Concept, inspired by the Vinci design, takes a different shape: ecological and environmental sustainability. Benelli brought to light a new study, which represents an opportunity for change and a due commitment to the planet. 

So, as you look at what these shotguns represent, you can't help but wonder: “Is the veil of time unfolding in front of you? What am I looking at, except a crack of reality, a glimmer in the distance, a blurred outline of what might be ahead of us? All that is left is nothing but a vision, a clear picture of a possible future. 


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