Benelli charges artist Jorrit Tornquist to create three works of art from the design of Benelli shotguns. Jorrit Tornquist, a colour expert, biologist and great connoisseur of nature and its mechanisms for creating optical effects, transforms and alters the volumes of the Benelli ARGO/R1 rifles, colouring them and integrating them into backgrounds designed by him. The presence or absence of colour creates solid spaces and voids, real and fictitious volumes, capable of capturing the eye of the observer. Target The Argo rifle is immersed and disassembled in a rainbow of colours. The ensemble of colours makes the shotgun black, and the disassembled shotgun creates a sense of apparent rotation. The target in the background is obtained by light and dark circles, adding a veil of softness. As soft as leopard fur, but in black and white. Aquila A game of shadows. The shadow of the rifle pitched against a background of coloured feathers, permeates the shadow of the eagle that materializes and takes life as the eye of the observer focuses on the eye of the bird of prey. Labyrinth The background creates an illusion of spherical forms, and contrasts with the shades of the shotgun, which appears to have less volume. A truly three-dimensional object is flattened against a really flat background, which seems spherical to the eye.