Formal elegance and new shapes, to appeal to the senses and create the shotguns of your dreams - imaginary ones that now become reality. This is what the 2022 Concept Guns by Benelli offer. The brand has put elegance and innovation at the centre of its production, always striving to reshape the future. CalibroVenti, with its very name (meaning “twenty gauge”) plainly indicating its avoidance of fancy embellishments and avoidance of abstract concepts, goes back to the very roots of product design. This model reinvents a shotgun whose strength is based on its shape.

It comes in two versions, white or black.

Presence and absence of colour are the two extremes of the chromatic spectrum, the alpha and omega of the colour-alphabet. The light between these two extremes outlines the main features of the shotgun, with all its sculptural quality. This new design translates into bold and innovative geometrical lines which challenge the usual concept of the shotgun and go one step further.

CalibroVenti externalises the internal content: details usually concealed beneath the surface are revealed on the outside, showcasing the qualities within. An eye that sees beyond. To interrupt its minimalist metrics, there’s a note of colour, reflecting the unexpected features that break up the normal severity of firearms: the BE.S.T. coating applied to the barrel in the white version is given an unusual blue colour, possibly pointing the way to new evolutions.

When we look closely at the exclusive patented CalibroVenti design, we notice how each slim, clean line and each individual element contains a technological innovation, either large or small, allowing us to imagine future developments and a reworking of the shotgun itself.


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