09 Юни 2020

A limited series for the Anniversary.

When you think of a Benelli semi-automatic rifle you think of beauty and innovation, rifles made with the best materials. The new Raffaello 500 Anniversary 12 and 20 express pure beauty and represent Benelli's essence and uniqueness. On the 500th anniversary of Raffello's death, Benelli created this limited series pair to celebrate the beauty and art of one Urbino's child, a brilliant artist, the protagonist of the Italian Renaissance. The story goes that on the day of his death the rooms of the Vatican that made him so famous were shaken by a violent shock and that the sky turned black. An exclusive semi-automatic featuring great technological content, constructive attention worthy of the most careful craftsman. The celebratory limited series (1000 pieces in 12 gauge, 500 in 20 gauge) was created with care and attention to every single detail. Stock and forearm are in Grade 4 European walnut, finished in oil and wax, the shoulder stock with recoil pad in special polyurethane is equipped with comfortable Progressive comfort, useful to cushion the blows on the shoulder. As for any limited series, you can customize the grip cap supplied with the rifle. The carcass of the two semiautomatics differs in engravings and ornaments, a true instinctive trait for a limited series of great class and elegance. The scrollwork ornament is on both sides and on the back, but the limited series sets the subjects apart depicting different hunting preys. In the 12 gauge, mallards in flight are represented on the right flank and pheasants on the left, also in flight, emphasized by a golden finish. Gauge 20 has woodcocks in flight on the right, while partridges in flight on the left. The Raffaello 500 Anniversary are equipped with high performance Crio Power Bore rods with selected 18.3- and 18.4-mm holes, made unique by the exclusive BEST (Benelli Surface Treatment) protective coating which ensures extremely high resistance to corrosion and abrasion. The barrels of 12 are available in the lengths of 61, 65, 70, 76 and with the 70 cm barrels weighing approximately 2.900 kg. For 20 rifles the barrels are 66 cm and 71 cm, with the 65 barrel weighing approximately 2.650 kg. The semi-automatic is suitable for all types of most migratory hunting, easy to take up and immediate in aiming, it represents a guarantee for both performance and investment. Raffaello Anniversary 12 and 20 are waiting for you in the Italian armories but reserve them now, as collectors from all over the world are placing their order for this limited edition and the units available are still reduced. Art makes prisoners of beauty those who peruse it, with these two limited series it seems that the bright Raffaello has guided the designers in the design of these two masterpieces. Precious semi-automatic with great technological contents, rifles with historical and collectible value, which will surely have a place in your safe. Click here.

A limited series for the Anniversary.

When you think of a Benelli semi-automatic rifle you think of beauty and innovation, rifles made with the best materials. The new Raffaello 500 Annive...

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