Bird hunting with left-handed semiautomatic and over & under shotguns

No firearm meets the criteria

Bird hunting with semiautomatic and left-handed over & under shotguns is extremely natural and instinctive.

The bird hunting with semiautomatic or over & under left-handed shotguns is a type of hunting using shotguns with smooth a barrel with a 76 Magnum bore with bolt placed on the left side of the weapon, so that the sight of the left-handed hunter is not disturbed by the escape of the fired cartridge case. In the case of over & under, the opening key is specifically designed for the left-handed user.

Benelli offers the widest range of semiautomatic and over & under left-handed shotguns for bird hunting in 12 and 20 gauges, with specific features based on the needs and preferences of hunters.

Benelli’s semiautomatic and over & under shotguns for bird hunting are: Raffaello Crio Comfort, M2 Comfortech left-handed, M2 Comfortech Camo left-handed, 828 U Silver left-handed, 828 U Black left-handed, Montefeltro left-handed, Duca di Montefeltro left-handed.