The heart is below

Raffaello Nature and Raffaello Naked Ice give evidence of the state of the art at Benelli. They are all about technology, performance, environmental protection, and research into materials, treatments and innovative, energy-saving processes. The 2013 Concept Guns include the new Raffaello, the essence of Benelli’s ideas, knowledge and skills , our exclusive heritage. The 2013 Concept Guns are an early embodiment of the ideas that Benelli is studying for the future. The Concept Guns represent possible future developments, both in terms of substance and form, and although they may sometimes appear visionary, they contain ideas and concepts that will serve as a basis for further developments. From an aesthetic viewpoint, Raffaello Nature is characterised by its black anodised receiver and the use of superior grade walnut woods without surface treatment. The aesthetic result is something to behold. Three slots in the rear end of the butt stock sport the deformable wings of the Progressive Comfort system, the original recoil reduction system that is one of the many innovative features of the new Raffello 2013. Raffello Naked Ice has been named after its transparent stock and fore-end made of machined polymethyl methacrylate (Perspex) and has been conceived, even more its sibling model Nature, to enhance the value of the technology under the shotgun’s skin. As a matter of fact, the payoff for both Concept Guns goes “The heart is below” , meaning that the Concept Guns and Raffello models they are derived from have Benelli essence at their core.