Perfection is the goal of Puma

There is an inclination in human beings called perfection. Perfection is the linguistic designation to describe the will to improve. Perfection is the goal of Puma. The anatomical perfection of one of the most powerful predators in the world becomes mechanics and design with Puma, the new concept gun from Benelli. The muscular frame produces speed exactly as the technical solutions adopted by our engineers produce swiftness and ease of use. “The concept”, explains Marco Vignaroli, central manager and technical director at Benelli, “was developed starting with the MR1 rifle. The points of interface with the shooter have been redesigned to achieve high quality performance. The presence of Picatinny rails and mounts for tactical slings assure maximum flexibility, whether the shooter is a defence professional or sport shooter”. Puma offers different solutions: 3 types of barrels that mount 3 different Steiner scopes for short or long distance shooting. “The art of engineering, the rationality of thought,” explains Marco Gaudenzi, expert in strategic design and invention, “have produced a sophisticated and easy firearm”. The Benelli concept refines the naturalness and this leads to greater reliability in extremely dynamic situations”. Puma is the spatial definition of what is essential. But what is essential for Benelli is also and always has been proportion, elegance and beauty.