Concepts dedicated to practical shooting

Benelli doesn't stop! We have dedicated 2019 to dynamism. The idea that man is in constant movement has been around since the times of ancient Greek philosophy, when the first thinkers observed nature and formulated a thought. All is in constant flux, an unstoppable flow that transforms points into lines, and into trajectories. We were so passionate about this idea that we decided on transferring it to our new concept gun. We are introducing our M2 Hawk. Where can such dynamism be achieved, in what context should it be brought to fruition? Dynamic Sports Shooting seemed to be the most fertile ground for our idea right from the start. A weapon conceived with dynamism, speed and precision in mind was inescapably bound to meet the most dynamic sports discipline ever. The concept came to be naturally, it sprang from the imagination and from the first draft sheets like the hull of a submarine jumping out of the water. We seek beauty in everything we do, even in speed. The Hawk is the master of beauty and speed. Its flight is a tribute to grace: it detects its target, dives and catches its prey. It deploys its full power in a matter of seconds. This is why we named our new concept M2 Hawk. The ruler of the skies turned into a machine – the first shotgun originally designed for a sports discipline, Practical Shooting, in its three versions – black, red and silver, our corporate colours.