Illuminated by an unexpected light.

The 2008 Concept Guns are the result of artistic inspiration. Light generates colours, contains them and splashes them over the surface of objects. The new concept guns are a perfect combination of form, colour and life. Raffaello Crio 20 (the subject used for the works) blends with light to create unusual harmonies. Two phenomena in equilibrium, one surprisingly technological and the other magnificently natural, both light and infallible, bind together, and evolve into pure concepts of contemporary art. White is purity, spiritualism, total refraction. Green is nature, change, camouflage. Red is warmth, splendour of life, passion for hunting. Three firearms that enhance the power of light and colour, born to be touched and admired. Reflected light creates unpredictable, even-changing effects, almost anticipating the gaze that sweeps through the thousands of shades. Light mix is light becoming concept. With Chameleon, colour changes and mutates. High-life is material coming to life.