The 2014 Concept Guns have high technical and aesthetic content; they are the result of methodical research that has pushed as far as it was possible to get. The challenge was to prove that we were capable of making a powerful shotgun even lighter. Weight, power and strength, three principles apparently incompatible with one another, have been reconciled using composite materials and futuristic design, that enhance even more the elegance of these three rifles. The first of the three Concept Guns has a striped grey livery, the same colour as carbon fibre and aluminium fabric, while the red leather covering comb, checkering and fore-end lends a touch of class and elegance. The second Concept Gun has a matt satin finish, it is covered with black leather, with perfect and accurate details, such as the front sight mounted on the receiver, which is red in this model. The third 2014 prototype is characterized by the elegant polished finish of the metal surfaces, with an eagle engraved on the right side of the receiver as the only element of decor. Another distinctive refined element is the Progressive Comfort system, which, unlike in the series, is red.