The Benelli Kite pistol features important technical solutions and technologies: introduction provided by an interchangeable magazine located under the barrel; anatomical grip available in three versions for right-handed and left-handed shooters; the cocking system ensures stability and shooting precision; the new back-sight allows for width, elevation and drift to be adjusted even without the use of tools. The energy produced by the mass of shots commonly used falls within the 7.5 joule limit so that Kite is free selling in the Italian market.

Technical sheet


4.5 mm


Length 240 mm


Nickel-plated ergal


Air tanks available in four sizes


800 g without cylinder


Technopolymer case, adjustment wrenches kit, magazine reload adaptor, magazine unloading pin.

The technical features and images on the web site are purely approximate, can be improved and / or changed at any time without notice.