09 Kesäkuu 2020
A limited series for the Anniversary.

When you think of a Benelli semi-automatic rifle you think of beauty and innovation, rifles made with the best materials. The new Raffaello 500 Annive...

24 Toukokuu 2020
The new over and under shotgun 828 U gauge is here. 20!

Innovation and quality are the watchwords at Benelli, 828 U 20 gauge is the synthesis of these two concepts combined with performance and satisfaction...

09 Helmikuu 2019
Suuria uutuuksia HiT Vicenzassa 2019

Huomio metsästäjät ja metsästyksestä kiinnostuneet! Benelli on mukana koko henkilökuntansa voimin Vicenzan Hit Show -messuilla lauantaista 9. maananta...

24 Tammikuu 2019
Benelli Las Vegasin Shot Show’ssa

Metsästäjät pysykää linjoilla, älkää unohtako näitä vuoden 2019 uutuuksia. Vuoden 2019 tämän ensimmäisen näyttämö on kokonaan päällekkäispiippuisen 82...

07 Syyskuu 2018
Benelli Grosseton Game Fair -messuilla vuonna 2018

7.-9. syyskuuta älkää jättäkö väliin kolmea innostavaa päivää täynnä näyttelyitä ja nähtävyyksiä Grossetossa Game Fair -messuilla. Benellin tapaamiset...

15 Maaliskuu 2020

Montefeltro Mygra great news 2020!

The Benelli Montefeltro Mygra is the new specialized and multipurpose Montefeltro Benelli. Mygra was presented to the Italian public at the Hit of Vicenza this year, and you will find it in the armories this summer. The new Benelli 20 gauge has been designed with the intention of meeting specific needs of the hunter and to particular types of hunting. Mygra is the ideal rifle for migratory, whether it is stalking, hunting or moving. The semi-automatic is available with two barrel lengths (65 and 70 cm), both with a maximum diameter of 15.9 mm and equipped with the 7 cm Criochoke choke kit, respectively the chokes supplied with the 65 cm barrel are *** / cylindrical STEEL SHOT OK and with 70 cm barrel *** / cylindrical STEEL SHOT OK. It is also equipped with a dedicated 9 cm choke, which for the 65 cm barrel is the Wide Shot (between *** and ****) while for the 71 cm barrel it is the Long Shot (more "narrow" than *). The Wide Shot is the ideal choke for close-up shots while the Long Shot for long-distance shots. The Easy Locking, already on Mygra, is an innovative solution that allows easier closing of the bolt, the rifle is always ready to fire when you need it. The Mygra with a 65 cm barrel, weighs around 2.650 kg, the best compromise between handling, agility and manageability of the rifle even with heavy loads for the gauge. The rifle, equipped with a walnut stock, is enhanced by the WoodFX treatment which enhances the wood grain. The rifle with knurled stock is equipped with quick release belt holder shirts. The nature brown livery of the weapon recalls the colors of the earth and is completed by a customized guard in the stock. The Mygra engraving is accompanied by the picture of a thrush and a lark on the right side of the carcass. These identify and embellish this new 20 gauge dedicated to migratory hunting. Every year the widest range of semiautomatics in the world is enriched. Be ready with Mygra gauge20. Click here.