09 Kesäkuu 2020
A limited series for the Anniversary.

When you think of a Benelli semi-automatic rifle you think of beauty and innovation, rifles made with the best materials. The new Raffaello 500 Annive...

15 Maaliskuu 2020
Montefeltro Mygra great news 2020!

The Benelli Montefeltro Mygra is the new specialized and multipurpose Montefeltro Benelli. Mygra was presented to the Italian public at the Hit of Vic...

09 Helmikuu 2019
Suuria uutuuksia HiT Vicenzassa 2019

Huomio metsästäjät ja metsästyksestä kiinnostuneet! Benelli on mukana koko henkilökuntansa voimin Vicenzan Hit Show -messuilla lauantaista 9. maananta...

24 Tammikuu 2019
Benelli Las Vegasin Shot Show’ssa

Metsästäjät pysykää linjoilla, älkää unohtako näitä vuoden 2019 uutuuksia. Vuoden 2019 tämän ensimmäisen näyttämö on kokonaan päällekkäispiippuisen 82...

07 Syyskuu 2018
Benelli Grosseton Game Fair -messuilla vuonna 2018

7.-9. syyskuuta älkää jättäkö väliin kolmea innostavaa päivää täynnä näyttelyitä ja nähtävyyksiä Grossetossa Game Fair -messuilla. Benellin tapaamiset...

24 Toukokuu 2020

The new over and under shotgun 828 U gauge is here. 20!

Innovation and quality are the watchwords at Benelli, 828 U 20 gauge is the synthesis of these two concepts combined with performance and satisfaction of any user needs. The new over and under rifle made in Urbino, follows mechanics-wise the brothers of greater gauge and is appreciated both for its slender lines and for its performance. 828 U Silver 20/76 is a over and under shotgun valid for different types of hunting, easy to use and immediate targeting. The over and under shotgun weighs about 2,550 grams (depends on the specific weight of the woods) with 70 cm barrels (it is available with 26 "- 65,28" - 70 cm barrels). The over and under shotgun contains the best of Benelli technology. Progressive Comfort (the recoil damping system available on wooden stock), the Lock Plate, the steel closure that ensures the elimination of the mechanical stress of the weighing platform, the Perfect Fitting, the fine adjustment of the bend and deviation possible by choosing between 40 different combinations thanks to 5 fold plates (45/50/55/60/65) and 4 deviation plates (+ 6 / -6, + 3 / -3, + 6 / -6 -1/2 drop, +3 / -3 -1/2 drop), the cryogenic Power Bore barrels, with selected drilling and extremely small diameters for a greater speed and penetration of the target. The technology is combined with customization, the LOP is available in 375 mm, which can be increased to 385 mm by replacing the recoil pad, but for those who prefer shorter shoulder stocks, the shoulder stock that has 365 mm LOP and 345mm LOP may be required. The shoulder stock has interchangeable nose pads in special polyurethane thanks to which the shooter can take the most suitable head position and cushion the vibrations that reach the auditory apparatus thus obtaining maximum comfort during use. 828 U gauge20, a complete over and under shotgun that shoots cartridges from 24 to 40 grams. Fast, instinctive and balanced, it ensures unparalleled performance in reaching the target.